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CNC Laser Cutting

Sheet size: 3000 x 1500mm, Sheet thickness—20mm Mild Steel; 12mm Stainless Steel & 8mm Aluminium

CNC Punching

Sheet size: 2500 x 1250mm, Sheet thickness: 8mm Aluminium. Latest processes: Roller Beading; Roller Off-Set; Roller De-burring; Extrude & Tap.

CNC Press Braking

Bystronic Expert 150 CNC 9 Axis Press Brake 3m. Edwards 100 CNC 8 Axis Press Brake 3m. Edwards 100 CNC 6 Axis Press Brake 3m. Edwards 30 CNC 6 Axis Press Brake 1.5m.

CNC Tube Manipulation

Capacity: Up to 60mm Diameter Stainless Steel. Full CNC operation. Typical 75mm Centre Line Bend Radius. Push Bending facility.


Powder Coating Automatic Flow Line, Anti-Bacterial Coating Process, Iron Phosphate conversion, Stainless Steel Polishing Greising, Razamax Deburring, TIG and MIG Welding Bays

Metal Craft Industries Services

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Powder Coating

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