MCI conservancy of energy usage

All personnel are encouraged to concern themselves by cutting our use of power by using less energy. We do this by turning off unused equipment especially after hours, over weekends and on holidays. Before leaving our works all thermostat settings are checked to save on heating costs. As a rule of thumb, each 1° adjustment saves us about one percent on our energy costs for each eight-hour period.

Our transport department set rules for our drivers, driver awareness saving on fuel driving in a more energy-efficient manner. Strict maintenance gives us more mileage, keeping cars and vans in good repair, making sure tyres are properly inflated, and by avoiding idling at long stop areas.

All factory machines are fitted with the most energy efficient motors, lasers and lights out punching equipment employed at night saving on lighting and personnel, steel is delivered in batches weekly and in house generation of our Nitrogen cutting down on excessive carbon emissions, our engineering director continually mentors our manufacturing process by continually improving the processes.


Powder Coating

MCI have now phased out the use of all plastisol coated materials, in the case of steel products we now use CR4 and Zintec and finish with polyester powder coating finish.


Sustainability, cost of ownership

The environmental acceptability of sheet steel products comes primarily from their durability and recyclability. Recycling of steel is easy, without any loss of quality (unlike many plastics, for example, which can only be realistically ‘down cycled’). Currently approximately 50% of all world steel comes from recycled sources. Our fabricated steel products are easily recycled, durable and economical, and yet aesthetically more adaptable and pleasing than plastic.


Wrapping Up!

This essential item has been designed to dispense roll type ‘food wrapping’ paper. This dispenser will keep your rolls tidy and save time and reduce wastage. Included is the standalone table complete with under-shelf for spare roll storage. The table provides the correct height for both ergonomic & convenient operation and also frees up invaluable work surface areas.

Operationally, just pull out the required length of paper and glide the Blade Housing across the paper to cut from the roll. It’s as easy as that – no more scissors or knifes – far safer than most other methods of cutting paper.

Contact our Sales Department for further details on +44 (0) 1933 440573


Our New Year Message

MCI will continue to invest in both machinery and products during the New Year.
Why not challenge us to provide innovative solutions to enable your business to strive to greater things.

Let’s make this a great New Year – Buy British.


Stocking To A New Level

MCI have introduced their next generation of stocking table. This compact unit is now fitted with a waste disposal bag.

Click on the following link for further details.

2 Stocking Table Complete with Waste Bag